Allan Block concrete retaining wall block options

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 Allan Block is a name for a collection of 3 styles of retaining wall blocks.

The most recognized is the AB Classic collection.


AB Classic collection *Most popular

AB Classic Collection

The AB Collection gives a smooth fluid finish to any outdoor living space.

Enjoy the beauty and durability of this collection’s classic cut stone look that adds distinguished style to any landscape.

AB Aztec Collection *NEW

AB Aztec Collection

The AB Aztec Collection offers a smooth, molded face look and style inspired by old Incan walls to emulate a centuries old feel.

AB Aztec is the same dependable system just offering a new look that can be integrated in with the AB and AB Europa Collections.


AB Metropolitan Collection *NEW

AB Metropolitan collection

The AB Metropolitan Collection offers a mid-century modern style with the same dependable Allan Block system in this brand-new smooth face look.

With clean, sharp lines and minimal aesthetics, this collection focuses on functionality.


Sizes Of Blocks In The Allan Block Collections

 Due to the nature of concrete, blocks are not exactly the same size. When building a retaining wall, we do run into this and adjust as needed.

It is very normal for corner blocks to be a bit shorter than their full-size counter parts.

All concrete products from every brand are like this.


Allan Block collection block materials

All of the AB collections are a dry-stack without mortar or footings block system. There is no consumer noticeable difference in strength. They are all hollow core that must be filled with clear angular stone for drainage and strength. The same drainage system should be installed behind each of the different block styles in the Allan Block Collection.

Allan Block Retaining Wall Collection Colors

AB Classic Collection *Most Popular

AB Aztec Collection *NEW


AB Metropolitan Collection *NEW