how to get a retaining wall built before summer

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Are you wishing that you could have a retaining wall done now so that you can enjoy it when the nice weather hits?

Based on our many years as certified retaining wall builders, we can say without a doubt that it is possible to get an affordable retaining wall built without planning months in advance.

If you would like to get your yard squared away and add a focal point to your space, but don’t know how to get one, we can help!

Here’s how you can get a retaining wall fast and in time for summer.


How long does it take to build a retaining wall?

An Allan block retaining wall generally takes 1-6 weeks to build.

This timeline is based on a few things:

  • What type of wall you are building (curved, tiered)
  • The access to the space (do gravel roads need to be built, or is it ready to go?)
  • What the weather looks like (is the ground wet and muddy?)
  • What the remediation of the site looks like (does the entire yard need to be redone?)
  • If any add ons have been added to the retaining wall project (lights, stairs, plants etc.)


All of the things mentioned above can change the timeline of the project, adding a couple days here or there depending on certain things.

Allan block retaining walls can be quick to install if you have a certified installer that is fluent in what they do.

If the crew is well seasoned, and nothing comes up during the excavation that is a concern, you can have your backyard ready for summer in as little as a week.

How to get a retaining wall fast

  1. Choose what type of retaining wall you want (Allan Block, wood, lock blocks)
  2. Choose what color you would like
  3. Think of what kind of remediation you want done when the project is over.
  4. Look at what add ons you would like for the wall
  5. Figure out exactly what you can afford, and if what you are wanting, aligns
  6. Choose a contractor that you want to work with
  7. Book your project!

How to save money on a retaining wall build

If you are wanting to get a retaining wall done fast, you might not have the funds to do everything you want.

Keep In mind that finishing touches the wall or your yard can be done after when you have saved more money, however some things need to be done during the wall build, such as the stairs.

So, how can I save money on my retaining wall?

One of the worst things you can do is skimp on the actual retaining wall build itself.

What exactly does this mean?

Allan Block retaining walls have to be built to Allan Block specifications. This means that the actual wall build has certain metrics that need to be met, like a minimum amount of gravel being put in. This part of the project cannot be skipped, or you risk not having a structurally sound wall.

There are however, things that can lower the cost of a retaining wall.

Things that lower the cost of a retaining wall

  • Going with a basic block style and color
  • Removing your old retaining wall and disposing of it yourself
  • Remediating the lawn yourself after the wall is built
  • Keeping the excavated soil on your property
  • Not putting caps on the retaining wall


Going with a basic block style and color

Retaining wall blocks come in many different colors and styles, but not all suppliers keep all of the options in stock. If the block needs to be ordered it can cost more, especially if they are per pallet.


Removing your old retaining wall and disposing of it yourself

If you are physically able to, and have a truck or a trailer that you can haul the old retaining wall with, you can lower the cost of your build by doing this yourself.

Remediating the lawn yourself after the wall is built

To cut down on costs, you can seed or sod the area after your contractor is done building your wall. It is important to remember however ,that the machines that were brought in to build the wall cause damage to the lawn.

It will take quite a bit of labor to get the yard flat and useable, but homeowners are able to take care of this step themselves.

Keeping the excavated soil on your property

When soil comes out of the ground it expands 1.3x its size. This means the soil pile gets to be quite substantial.

If you have a large property, the retaining wall builder may be able to move some, if not all, of the soil to a different part of your property.

Not putting caps on the retaining wall

While retaining wall caps really are a final touch to the wall, if your wall is not going to be the focal point of your backyard you can consider leaving the wall as is and not adding caps.



Think your retaining wall is going to be a little too plain?

Adding inexpensive plants behind your wall (or in between tiers) adds a lot to the look of the wall while still keeping costs down.

If your wall is the main part of your backyard getting a table and chairs set, or even a small fire pit and chairs, adds to the warmth of the space and is either free if you already have them, or a couple hundred dollars that will be a good investment as those things can be used anywhere.

Regardless of what you choose for your retaining wall build, the longest your build will be is a couple weeks to month, so if you are thinking of having one built this summer you can!