How big should an outdoor living space be?

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How big should an outdoor living space be?

An Outdoor Living space should be sized according to your intended use.

If the space is too big it will not feel relaxing or intimate. On the other hand, if it’s too small, it will be frustrating to fit everyone comfortably.


If possible, homeowners should always choose a larger space, as its easier to make it feel more intimate than to add more space down the road.

For an eating area picture the size of table in your head that works for you and your family.

For 6 people you will need at least a 4 x 6-foot table. Then add 3-4’ all around it to easily get into your chair. This is a important part of figuring out how much space you will need for your outdoor living area. 

Guests will be going in and out of their chairs throughout the night, and you want to make them feel comfortable while doing so. 

An eating are should at least be 10’ x 12’, and even larger if you plan on having more than 6 people over.


For a relaxing area you will most likely be basing your size off of the furniture you like. For a typical L shaped couch and a 2-chair setup, expect to need at least 14-16 feet of room in either a circle, square or rectangle. Again, more room than you need Is recommended, as it’s much easier to use up space than make more.


Entertaining areas can be very valuable and are often overlooked. Just like the kitchen at a house party people will need a place to gather!

This can be incorporated into your relaxation area, but really should be in a separate area altogether.


Relaxation should be quieter, and placed further from the door to your home. Put the entertaining area just outside the house as this is where people will gather. An added bar area where people can lean on and share stories about their work week is a great added touch.

Ultimately the size of your Outdoor Living space will depend on your desired use, and the available space in which we can create it.