Who needs a retaining wall?

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Your backyard should be your sanctuary and a place to get away from the stresses of everyday life. When they are functional and look beautiful, retaining walls can make us feel like we are on a vacation at the end of a long work week.

If your backyard is unkept, and full of dirt and muck, it can do the opposite for your mood. Instead of feeling relaxing it may bring feelings of dread, and can be overwhelming.

All of us want to be able to enjoy our time spent outdoors and use the backyard we dreamed about when we bought our house. Having a retaining wall built can change a homeowner’s yard drastically, and give you back that feeling of relaxation every time you step outside your back door.

Here at Back40Landscaping we take the same pride in your yard that you do, and have a passion for building retaining walls. 

While retaining walls are usually a must have for homeowners, they can also be a want to have due to how many different ways they can bring life back into a dingy backyard.

You might need a retaining wall if you:


Want to gain more space in your yard

Retaining walls give homeowners the ability to gain more space on their property.

Surprisingly, in the Fraser Valley there is not that much flat land left, so more and more houses are being built on mountains. While having your home on the mountain gives you a great view, you lose out on having a lot of space in your yard, if any.

Why is space important for a yard? The more space you have the more activities you can do with your children and pets, and the more you can entertain.

For homeowners who like to have their friends and family over it can be extremely frustrating to host when you lack the space to do so.


How do retaining walls give a yard more space?

Hillsides eat up the space of your backyard, and are not the easiest to landscape.

Having a terraced retaining wall built on your property allows you to have more functional spaces by having a place to garden and plant, and they hold back soil to eliminate a sloping yard.

Retaining walls can even provide homeowners with a cozy sunken patio!

Homeowners who have an eroding hillside

A retaining wall is a structure that holds, or retains soil behind it. They are designed to restrain soil a slope would not naturally keep to (typically a steep, almost vertical, or vertical slope).

When a landscape needs to be shaped severely, a retaining wall is needed. If a retaining wall is not built to keep the eroding hillside in place, the soil will slough away and can be dangerous causing major damage to a homeowner’s property.

Retaining walls also prevent flooding to your landscape by retaining the water that will eventually find its way behind your wall.


Anyone who wants to create a stunning focal point

Retaining walls can be built out of wood or Allan Block, be curved or straight and be made with many different contrasting colors.

Lighting, plants and water features can be added to create an even more extravagant looking wall.

No matter what size or length your retaining wall is you will make a big impact on how your yard looks.



Homes that have existing retaining walls that are failing

Retaining walls that are failing can cause huge problems when they fall over (which eventually they will if they are already failing!).

A failed retaining wall will collapse, bringing down all of the soil it was holding back from coming into your yard.

The issue with this soil being set free is that the surrounding landscape will be damaged from that dirt and debris that has been released, as well as anything else in its path.

If a retaining wall is keeping soil away from a patio or a home, it can be dangerous and costly.

By now you can see that there are many different reasons why a homeowner would want/ need to have a retaining wall built on their property.

Whether you need a retaining wall to retain soil or give you more yard space, or just want to add value to your home, retaining walls do a great job of bringing you back outside where you belong, enjoying nature.