How do i protect my patio furniture in the winter?

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How to protect patio furniture in the winter?

Protecting your patio furniture is something we have learned the hard way!

You have spent a lot of time and money to get the perfect outdoor patio furniture, only to have it be ruined by the winter elements! 

This can be very frustrating, as now you will have to try and find something to replace your furniture!

Regardless of how big your patio roof structure is, the extreme weather in the winter will always take its toll on your outdoor furniture.

What we have learned is that blowing snow and driving rain will at some point get your couch cushions wet, and the wind will pick them up from time to time.

Quality built furniture stands up really well to this, but lower quality cushions stain rather easily.

If you don’t plan on using your furniture for some time I would recommend, bring it inside if you can.

Being indoors will keep it dry, and free from animals and birds trying to use it to keep warm.

If you can’t bring your cushions or patio furniture indoors, a good storage shed that won’t leak can be a decent option.

Using big plastic garbage bags can help to keep the cushions clean, just be sure to leave the bags open on the end so the cushions can breathe while they are in storage.